Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sparkle Saturday Meets 11 Week Mani Challenge

Hello Lab Partners,

This is week four of the 11-week mani challenge. The prompt for the week: a zebra or other striped mani OR a mani with the colors of your favorite sports team or alma mater. Before checking to see what the theme of the week was, I had already decided I wanted to do a mani with ring and thumb as accent fingers, which seemed to fit perfectly when I saw the prompt. Initially, I wanted to go with the colors of the Orlando Magic, but the thought was too depressing given the current state of NBA affairs. Instead, I went with the black and gold of my alma mater, the University of Central Florida. Simple enough: black on most fingers, with gold on the ring fingers and thumbs. As I was selecting a gold polish, my eyes landed on my brand new Color Club Gingerbread from the Beyond the Mistletoe collection. A-ha! The perfect opportunity to try this holographic gold glitter! On all fingers, I applied two coats of Zoya Raven. On the thumbs and ring fingers, I added two coats of Gingerbread:

Inside, artificial light
Inside, with flash
Inside, with flash

I took a couple of flash photos to show how the holo glitter lights up when it's hit by direct light.

In case you're wondering how difficult this glitter was to remove . . . I used the foil method on it and had no problem!

Until next time, sending lab love your way!



  1. Love this! And I'm not even a big glitter polish fan <3

  2. Ladies--glad you like it! Gingerbread is an amazing glitter. Now I can't wait to try the others from this CC collection. And to try Gingerbread over other colors! :)

  3. I just adore that glitter! Great color combo!

  4. Amy--I love it this glitter, too! Can't wait to wear it again . . . and the others from this collex!