Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sparkle Saturday: Essence Edward

Happy Saturday, Lab Partners!

As you may remember from my post on Butter London's Tea with the Queen, it makes great underwear for showing off a glitter top coat, so here's Tea with the Queen again--only this time it's been embellished with Edward from the Essence Bella and Edward twin set. Although I love the look of Edward layered over Bella, wearing a nude polish as underwear certainly makes it easier to see Edward's square and smaller round teal and green glitter particles. And if you look closely, you might catch a holo microglitter or two.

Seeing this glitter on top of Tea with the Queen reminds me of--brace yourself--dragon eggs. Not that I've ever seen a dragon egg, but this is how I imagine them: peach with green glitter. A strange association, I know. But I'm always coming up with strange associations. Last night, I dreamed of a bracelet with a blackened purple stone, surrounded by bamboo. In my dream, I planned to fashion an entire accessory collection around the bracelet and call it Viet Nam Vamp. Obviously, someone's been watching too much Project Accessory!

So what do you think of dragon eggs aka Tea with Edward?

Hope you're having a lovely weekend. Incidentally, I'm out of town for the weekend, so my apologies if I'm unable to respond to your comments until I return home.

Until next time, sending you lab love,


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bench Work: Tea with the Queen

Hello Lab Partners,

For those of you who didn't see the answer to this weeks' Mystery Mani Monday, the polish was Finger Paints Vintage Velvet.

Now, to today's order of business . . . .

As you may recall, I'm on a perpetual search for a nude polish that doesn't make my hands look like death. Today, my quest continues with Butter London Tea with the Queen, a peachy nude.

"Tea" is about as close to my skin color as it gets, giving me somewhat of a "mannequin" hands look, which I like on some people, but usually not on me. Even though I feel my hands are somewhat invisible while wearing Tea, I don't dislike this polish. I like that it has enough peach to keep it from clashing with my skin, and if I were wanting to go with a natural look, this could very well be the polish I'd go with. In fact, because my nails tend to be stained from polish (you know how it is), I never wear clear polish, so this is as close to au naturel as I get. And the longer I wore this polish, the more I liked it! Tea would make a great base color for showing off a glitter top coat, so you can expect to see it as underwear for various glitters.

So what do you think of Tea with the Queen and my semi-mannequin hands?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Yesterday's Mystery Mani Revealed

Hello Lab Partners,

Just in case you missed the answer to yesterday's Mystery Mani Monday, the polish used was Finger Paints Vintage Velvet. Thanks to those of you who played along!
Finger Paints Vintage Velvet with Isadora Deep Red as Accent

Monday, December 12, 2011

Mystery Mani Monday: A Medium Cool Green

Hello Lab Partners,

It's time for another Mystery Mani Monday (MMM). Today, I think I might actually be able to stump you with this cool-toned, medium green. Although it's hip and modern, this smooth, soft green also has a classic feel. It reminds me of the "old days," when I was a child wearing a plush green dress for Christmas.

With Isadora Deep Red as accent.

 There's a clue hidden in the description somewhere. Please submit your guess by leaving a comment by 7 pm Pacific (10 pm Eastern) time--please note that we're closing this week's MMM a bit earlier than usual. If the name under which you comment differs from your Google Friend Connect name, please leave your GFC, as well. Those who guess correctly will receive an extra entry in our next giveaway. You're welcome to guess more than once, but only your last guess will count.  We'll post the answer both here and on our Facebook page.

With a dove added on accent nail and a coat of Nubar 2010.