About The Polish Lab

Welcome to The Polish Lab, a group blog. We started The Polish Lab with the usual goals: to provide info on polishes, supplies, and different types of manicures; to alert followers to any great polish sales or promos we learn of;  and, yes, to host an occasional giveaway. But we also founded The Polish Lab with another aim. Polish isn’t just about pretty colors and nice nails. It comes with memories attached—some humorous, others poignant. Polish can help us celebrate good times and survive the tough times. And perhaps most importantly, polish can serve as a path to friendships that would never have formed otherwise.  At The Polish Lab, we want our readers to share those experiences with us and with each other.

Whether you’re a nail novice or a polish princess, a lover of a classic colors or a fan of funky polish, a long-taloned lady or a short-nailed man, we invite you to be our lab partners!

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