Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Guest Post: Nail Care to Help Boost Confidence

 Hello Lab Partners!

Today, we have a special post by Jackie Clark, who the outreach coordinator at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance. Nail polish may seem frivolous to some, but we at The Polish Lab know that nail care can serve very important purposes, one of which is helping those with serious illnesses to feel better about themselves. We're pleased to have Jackie share some tips on how you can use your love of nail care to help those suffering from illnesses, and feel free to comment with any additional tips or experiences you've had with using nail polish to help boost someone's confidence.

Nail Care to Help Boost Confidence
By: Jackie Clark

One of the most difficult trials in life can be facing a possibly terminal illness. Illnesses such as cancer, including mesothelioma, can bring a person’s self confidence to a plummeting free fall. Given the treatments as well as their side effects and the concerns over what sort of mesothelioma life expectancy they may be looking at, it’s not a surprise that many women have a tendency to allow their selves to slip in certain areas of their appearance. One area that tends to be overlooked in such cases is nail care.

Nail care may not seem like such a large area of consideration when a person is suffering from cancer, the fact is that it’s the small touches, such as having attractive nails, which can help boost a woman’s spirits in an otherwise bleak time. While this is why it’s so important for a woman suffering from an illness to take the time for her self to be pampered, even if it is just taking the time to polish manicure and polish her nails. While this may seem like a trivial thing, the fact is that the little bit of time that it takes can make a big difference in how a woman suffering from such an illness can feel; especially during a time when her morale needs all the boosting it can get.

Taking the time needed for nail pampering isn’t as difficult as one might think. Many believe that nail care means going to a salon for a full manicure and pedicure, but it’s easy to make a fun girls’ day out of it with friends and family members. Imagine the excitement of having a group of female friends and family members together for a girls’ day of beauty. It’s simple to organize: simply get together a set of manicure and pedicure kits for all of your guests, and have everyone bring their favorite shades of nail polish and foot soak; you’ll also want to have everyone bring their own tub for soaking their feet. When the day arrives, simply enjoy yourselves-- and the best part is that you have helped her, a loved one, to feel a little better about their situation and given them a boost of confidence. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mystery Mani Revealed

Hello Lab Partners,

In case you missed the answer to yesterday's Mystery Mani Monday, the polish was Cult Nails Time Traveler, a beautiful one-coater!

Cult Nails Time Traveler

Cult Nails Time Traveler with Zoya Trixie

Monday, December 26, 2011

Mystery Mani Monday: Navy Blue

Happy Monday, Lab Partners!

For today's Mystery Mani, we have a one-coater navy blue. Although it's from a recently released collection, this polish makes me feel as if I've been transported back to my high school days because it's one of my school's colors.
Today's Mystery Mani is a one-coater . . . it stains the skin a bit, as you can see, but it's worth it!

Today's Mystery Mani polish, along with Zoya Trixie and nail gems.

Today's Mystery Mani polish, along with Zoya Trixie and nail gems.

You know the way it works--there's a little clue hidden in this post. Submit your guesses by 7 pm Pacific Time (10 pm EST) by commenting on this post. You may submit more than one answer, but only your final guess will be your official submission. Those who guess correctly will receive an extra entry in our next giveaway. IF THE NAME UNDER WHICH YOU COMMENT DIFFERS FROM YOUR GOOGLE FRIEND CONNECT NAME, PLEASE STATE YOUR GFC NAME WITH YOUR GUESS. Only guesses received via comment on this post will count.