Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Benchwork: Bettina Disco Collection

Hello Lab Partners!

I hope you're ready for some fun, funky colors because today, I'm going to show you the limited edition Disco collection from Bettina--6 vibrant metallics! I have Cristina at Let Them Have Polish to thank for putting me on to Bettinas. She has swatches of a ton of these babies, so if you're ever curious about Bettina polishes, check out her awesome blog!

Okie dokie, let's take a look at these rockin' colors:

From top to bottom: Hippie, Peace, Groovie, Hustle. Inside, artificial light.
Outside, natural light
Boogie. Outside, natural light.

Hot pants, swatched on a nail wheel.

 So I ran out of fingers before I got to the sixth polish, Hot Pants (my fave name of the collex). I hope you don't mind looking at it on a color wheel.
Left: Zoya Tanzy. Right: Bettina Hippie

Something  to point out before I bid you adieu: Hippie is very similar to--although not a dupe of--Zoya Tanzy:

As many of you know, until recently, Bettina polishes were available only in Puerto Rico. Nowadays, they can also be purchased at some Miami-area retailers. What to do if you don't live in Puerto Rico or Miami? Actually, it's pretty darn simple--you contact  rosamadistributors@gmail.com

So what do you think of the Disco collection? Pretty groovy, huh? Does it make you want to put on your hot pants and boogie, oogie, oogie while you do the hustle?

Until next time, PEACE, my fellow polish hippies!



  1. I myself am a Bettina fanatic! I have these 6 and the whole Bliss collection AND 21 others!!

  2. I love these! I just received my first Bettinas this week!

  3. Wow, Fingers! That's a lot of Bettinas! Good for you!

    Jodi--which Bettinas did you get as your first ones? I'm sure they'll be the first of many!

  4. I've been eyeing Bettina since LTHP started using it almost all the time! That's good enough of an endorsement for me!! And now you guys! Amd can you believe how little they cost! Heaven~
    Debbie ;)

  5. Debbie--yep we've caught the Bettina bug here at The Polish Lab! Or at least I have. You're right--they're very reasonable. Hallelujah for liking reasonably priced polish. I really like this collection. So fun!

  6. Great colors!
    Are these nail varnishes available in Germany/Europe?
    Greetings from Sara

  7. Sara--try contacting rosamadistributors@gmail.com to see whether they'll ship to Europe. :) Right now, the only stores that carry them are located in Puerto Rico and Miami.