Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sparkle Saturday: Carnival Vert

Hello Lab Partners!

Welcome to another Sparkle Saturday! For this mani, I started with a base of RGB Vert:

RGB Vert.

I adore RGB polishes, and I was a little surprised that this one was somewhat streaky on the first coat. Most RGBs that I've used have been entirely streak-free and opaque, or nearly so, in one coat. But with two coats, Vert was gorgeous. I don't normally associate green with vampy, but this one definitely falls in that category. I'm absolutely in love with this polish. It's a perfect fall and winter color--earthy, yet moody. And it dries to a gorgeous glossy finish. Here it is without top coat:

RGB Vert, Two coats, no top coat. Inside, artificial light.

NYX Girls Carnival
  As much as I adore Vert on its own, this is Sparkle Saturday, so it was time to break out some glitter! I used NYX Girls Carnival, which is very similar to Deborah Lippman Happy Birthday. It's filled with multi-color, multi-sized round glitter suspended in a clear base. Carnival is true to its name--it's just plain FUN! It's even fun on the brush!

I had intended to apply only one coat of glitter, but once I got started, I was enjoying Carnival so much, I ended up applying two blingy coats, which entirely transformed the look of Vert. With glitter, the dark green of Vert appears even darker, like a black-green. And the mood is transformed from soulful to lighthearted. What a nice way to mix it up!

Two coats NYX Girls Carnival over two coats RGB Vert. Inside, artificial light.

A still shot really doesn't do this glitter justice, so I made a little video clip to show you how it sparkles (and honestly, even the video doesn't do it justice!):

So what do you think of this combo?

Until next time, sending you lab love!



  1. I've never heard of RGB polishes!! Wow! You really blinged it out!! Looks great!!!

  2. Love the video! We should do more!

  3. I wanted to buy RGB yesterday because they have a presale of limited colors but it was $18 plus shipping so I kind of bailed.. What do you think? I wanted to get Scrangie.

  4. I am not a glitter fan at all. But I just love green! This vert is awesome! I want it!

  5. Duh sorry I am thinking RBL. They also have square bottles so I got confused. RGB I've never tried

  6. Debbie--RGB polishes are some of my absolute favorites. They're pricey, but they do offer sales from time to time. I got all my RBGs at 50% off.

    Ace--I knew what you meant: it's easy to confuse RBL and RGB. I'm not going to lie--I caved on the presale yesterday and got 4 bottles. *hangs head in shame* And yes to more little video clips!

    Fingers--I wasn't always into glitter. If fact, until just a couple of months ago, I didn't wear it at all. I don't know what happened--I all of a sudden became a glitter fan! But greens--oh my, I love greens. And this one is definitely one of my favorites. I really can't describe the mood it evokes! RGB definitely has some of the best greens around.

  7. Ive never seen them :D DEFF one I must check out : D

  8. Definitely check out RGB! They really do make amazing polishes. As I said, I got mine on sale, but personally, I'd pay full price for them because I love them that much.

  9. I love glitter! That RGB polish looks pretty!

  10. This manicure is awesome! I love the addition of glitter!

  11. Amy and Emily--I love this glitter, too! If you don't own it already, it's definitely worth purchasing! Glad you liked it, ladies!