Monday, October 10, 2011

Bench Work: Cult Nails Vicious

Good Day, Lab Partners!

Today, I'd like to share with you my experience with Cult Nails Vicious. I own most of the Cult Nails line-up, and was excited when this one came out so that I could add it to my rapidly growing collection of purple polishes. I've been on a real purple kick lately!

Cult Nails Vicious

Right off the bat, I have to say I love Cult Nails bottles. I like their appearance, but I adore how easy they are to roll in my hand in order to mix the polish. But bottle, shmottle. What's the polish like? As is the case with other Cult Nails polishes I've used, Vicious applies smoothly and streak-free. The brush provides good control, and the polish was nearly opaque in one coat, totally opaque in two. This purple has a lot of red to it, so if you're looking for more of a blue-purple, this isn't the polish for you. If you're looking for a dark, slightly vampy red-purple, I highly recommend Vicious. It appears brighter in some light, vampier in others. It also dries incredibly glossy. In fact, in the first picture below, I haven't yet applied top coat, but look at the shine!

Cult Nails Vicious, no top coat. Inside, artificial light.

Here's Vicious with top coat:
Vicious with top coat. Inside, artificial light, no flash

Vicious. Inside, with flash.

When I prepared to remove Vicious, I thought, Oh no. Here we go--my nails and skin are going to be stained purple. I'll have to ask readers to excuse the purple on my cuticles when I post my next mani. But guess what! Vicious came right off! No staining of the nails or the skin around the nails! Not bad, eh?

Conclusions: If you're looking for a red-based, dark purple that applies smoothly and removes easily, Vicious very well be the polish you've been searching for! This is yet another Cult Nails polish to impress me!

Until next time, sending you lab love,



  1. I jumped on the Unicorn Puke bandwagon but I was an admirer of CN long before that. I have a feeling I'm going to be adding more of her polish to my collection soon.

  2. so pretty! i also jumped on the bandwagon for unicorn puke and think I'll definitely want to add some more CN soon to my collection!

  3. I'm eager to get my first CN product, Unicorn Puke.. I'll keep this one in mind too. I've been loving purples myself lately!

  4. I am awaiting the arrival of my very first Cult polish today... I can't wait!

  5. I am loving Cult Nails so far and can't wait to get Unicorn Puke as well. This is a nice purple, I don't have one like it.

  6. Shieldmaiden and Jacki--Oh, you will! Once you try them, you'll definitely add more to your collection! ;)

    Morgan--I don't know what it is about purple lately, but I'm so into it! This one really is a lovely, vampy purple. I can't wait to get my Unicorn Puke, either!

    Fashion Footing--exciting! What color did you buy?

    Ace--yep, I love all my Cult Nails, including that awesome top coat!

    All--if you didn't check out our review of Cult Nails top coat and base coat, please do!

  7. Love Cult nails!!! I didn't grab vicious though because I had something else like it, but you better believe I ordered unicorn puke!! Can't wait for it to ship!

  8. Alyssa--I'm so excited about UP! Can't wait!

    Sandra--it really is! I adore it!

  9. This is SO pretty! I love Cult Nails too!

  10. nailventurous--I love Cult Nails, too! I've loved everything I've tried by them, including their glass files!