Sunday, November 20, 2011

Polish Personals: Comfort Polish

Hello Lab Partners!

It's been a while since we've done a polish personals post, so I thought we'd have one today. This past week got me thinking about how I turn to certain polishes, namely Zoyas, when I'm feeling stressed, upset, or generally icky. I'm not sure why I turn specifically to Zoyas, other than they're the first brand I started seriously collecting. I had polishes from other brands before I ever had my first Zoya, but when I really got into polish, my Zoya collection is what grew fastest. Last weekend, I was having a wear-comfy-clothes-stay-inside-and-burn-gingerbread-candle kind of weekend. Gone was my lust for glitter or funky colors--I just wanted the comfort of Zoya Natalie on my fingers. Forget comfort food; just give me my comfort polish.

Zoya Natalie

So I'm curious--do you have a certain polish you turn to when you're feeling blah? Maybe a certain color family or a certain brand? If so, why do you think you turn to those polishes in particular?

Sending you lab love,



  1. I love this post. :) My comfort polish is OPI I'm Not Really A Waitress :)

  2. Hmmm, I've never really noticed. Will need to keep a watch on that. Holos are cheery though!

  3. I seem to want to wear Zoya Charla (and hope its a sunny day). Sparkles cheer me up and I love that shade of blue!

  4. I turn to anything OPI. It was the brand that first got me hooked on polish and is the brand I own the most of besides Revlon. I would be hard pressed to pick just one color tho.

  5. Mine's OPI's Route Beer Float :)

  6. Orly Oui
    OPI It's my Year
    Viva la Purple :)

  7. I enjoyed reading about your comfort polishes! Interesting--some of us go for something cheery; some of us (like me) go for something "familiar." Not that those 2 things are mutually exclusive. :)

  8. I'm with amy, my comfort is holo :) mmmmm

  9. Now I have this whole theory going on about whether extroverts tend to turn to sparkly and/or holo polishes, and introverts to more conservative polishes and/or brands they have a longer history with. Hmmmm

  10. We have to do an experiment!!!

  11. I always pick "familiar" :D
    Butter London All Hail the Queen (my all-time favourite polish)
    OPI Steady as She Rose
    and lately, also Essie Cocktail Bling

    Oh and I would probably fall under the introvert category, for research purposes. ;)

  12. We actually are thinking about doing some research on this topic! Funny, when I wrote this post, I wondered whether anyone would be interested . . . or if they'd think, "What is she talking about? Comfort polish??" I'm glad so many people spoke up. And that it cause me to hypothesize! I love looking for correlations!