Monday, October 3, 2011

Mystery Mani Monday: A Sky Blue

Does the start of a new week have you feeling cranky? Does your outlook need an adjustment? Why not put on this sky blue polish? It's sure to change your frame of mind!

Once again, we start the week with a Mystery Mani Monday or MMM. Can you tell us the name of this polish? If so, you'll receive an extra entry in our Birth of a Blog Giveaway! There's a subtle clue hidden in the post--it's sort of like a riddle. All guesses must be submitted by tonight at 9pm Pacific time (midnight Eastern time). You can make more than one guess, but we'll only count your last comment as your official guess. Good luck! PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR GFC NAME WITH YOUR GUESS!


  1. Mattese Elite Attitude?

    GFC---Jodi Davis

  2. I got it!
    OPI What's With the Cattitude!

  3. I'll go with China Glaze Moody Blue.

  4. OPI No Room For The Blues

  5. BTW, my GFC is Lee Ann Stoner, of course. LOL!

  6. We had some great guesses! So many of you figured out that our mystery color had something to do with mood or attitude. But there was another little clue thrown in there. Did you notice that we asked questions about mood? As in . . . What's up with the Cattitude? Congrats to Charlie! She was feeling confident about her answer, and for good reason! She'll reason an extra entry into our current giveaway!