Friday, October 21, 2011

Five Finger Friday: Gold-Greens

Hello Lab Partners!

Welcome to another Five Finger Friday (5FF)! Today, we're going to take a look at five different gold-greens, one of the hottest colors this fall. Before I introduce you to today's polishes, let me tell you that I adore each of them. I had never tried them before this, so I didn't know how I'd like them. Each applied like an absolute dream!

From left to right: Cult Nails In a Trance, Layla Magneffect Golden Nugget, CQ Golden Green, Butter London Wallis. Inside, with flash

Color Club Nouveau Vintage. Inside, no flash

On the pinkie, I applied Cult Nails In a Trance. I'd been dying to try this polish, and it definitely didn't disappoint. The darkest of the five, it's an olive green with gold shimmer. When the light hits it at just the right angle, as it did in the above photo, it appears more golden.

I applied Layla Magneffect in Golden Nugget on the ring finger. This was my first experience with my new magnetic polishes, but it certainly won't be my last! I love the effect it created, and it couldn't have been any easier! However, the name is misleading--this is more of a greenish grey. There's nothing golden about the color!

On the middle finger is CQ Golden Green, a lovely shimmer. This was my first time using a CQ polish (stores in my area don't carry them), and if this polish is any indicator of what CQs are like in general, I can't wait to try more!

Butter London Wallis is on the pointer finger. This polish is another I'd been dying to try, and like the others, it didn't disappoint.  Wallis is a metallic, with quite a bit of gold. It definitely catches the eye!

Finally, on the thumb I applied Color Club Nouveau Vintage, a multi-chromatic polish that looked far more golden-green in the bottle than it actually is. As you can see in the photo, it has quite a bit of red-based purple in it. I love it, but it's not as golden as I thought it would be.

Below are some additional shots taken in natural light. Cult Nails In a Trance is the one that appears most different in this light. It's less gold than it is in the indoor photo, where the light from the flash hits it directly. Here, the natural light is indirect, and In a Trance appears much greener, which is how it looks in most light.

From top to bottom: Wallis, Golden Green, Golden Nugget, In a Trance. Outside, natural light

Color Club Nouveau Vintage. Outside, natural light

I don't think I could choose a favorite from these polishes; I love each of them. How about you? What do you think of golden-greens?



  1. I have most of these and LOVE them all too. Great post!

  2. Yep, still my favorite feature you guys do. I like these ugly-pretty colors. My favorite out of these, from the looks of them, is Wallis.

  3. mmmmm Wallis! I love it! I have the CQ one also that I've never tried yet! I love this feature!

  4. Sarah--I *think* my fave is Wallis, too, but it's a really hard choice because I love all of these. It's rare to swatch 5 different polishes and love them all. I love ugly/pretties, too.

    Carly--I was pleasantly surprised by the CQ Golden Green. I thought I'd probably like it okay, but I didn't expect to love it as much as I did.

    Glad you both like this feature. We love doing it!

  5. I just got Wallis and I can't wait to use it! So pretty!

  6. Amy, you're going to *ADORE* Wallis! It's probably one of my top 10 fave polishes of all time.

  7. Borghese EuroGreen would fit right in that collection. I didnt expect it to look good on my coloring but it did. I may have to pick up Wallis or In A Trance

  8. Lori--Thanks for letting us know about Borghese EuroGreen! I'm in love with these gold-greens. It's not like I *need* another one, but I love them so much that I wouldn't mind having more. Wallis and In a Trance are both amazing--not just the color, but the application. :)