Sunday, October 30, 2011

11 Week Challenge: Week 2 Mani

Hello Lab Partners!

As you may recall, we're participating in an 11-week mani challenge, and this week's challenge is to create a mani inspired by an upcoming holiday. The obvious choice would be a Halloween-themed mani . . . but alas, I'm just not into Halloween (please refrain from throwing virtual candy corn at me). Why am I not into Halloween? My theory is I got sick of having my November 3 birthday celebrated with witch cakes and black and orange streamers. Incidentally, my friend Ace's birthday is tomorrow, Novemeber 1, and she's not a Halloween fan, either. You see? I think there's something to this birthday theory!

So if not a Halloween-inspired mani, then what? Well, I searched for silly, bizarre holidays and found that November 2 is "Look for Circles Day." Sounded like a great excuse to break out my dotting tools and do a twist on an "eyeball" mani! Oh, I did use black and orange, as my obligatory nod to Halloween:

Outside, natural light. Alright, so some of my circles are more like amorphous blobs . . . I prefer to think of them as circles with lots of character.

Outside, natural light
The base color is Color Club Wham!Pow! from the Poptastic collection. For the circles, I used Kiss Nail Art Paints.
Icky iphone pic, but I was wearing an orange top, so I couldn't resist!

It's not too late to join in the 11-week challenge! Join at any time, and feel free to post your challenge mani pics on our FB page.

Until next time, sending you lab love!



  1. I love everything about this! From the funny holiday to the nail art. So cool! In fellow Halloween's-been-ruining-my-bday solidarity, Ace

    PS: I will post my challenge mani on Tuesday because it's the day I am commemorating (Hello Kitty's birthday)

  2. Cute! Happy Birthday to the Lab partners in advance! Nov. 3 is my wedding anniversary, 32 years.

  3. Ace--you and Hello Kitty have the same bday?! Glad you liked this mani. :)

    Denise--thanks for the bday wishes, and an early happy anniversary to you! 32 years! Congrats!

  4. I really love this! It reminds me of those cute googly eyes that kids use in crafts lol!

  5. This is a really cool mani!