Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Lab is Now Open!

Welcome to The Polish Lab! We started The Polish Lab with the usual goals: to provide info on polishes, supplies, and different types of manicures; to alert followers to any great polish sales or promos we learn of;  and, yes, to host an occasional giveaway. But we also founded The Polish Lab with another aim. Polish isn’t just about pretty colors and nice nails. It comes with memories attached—some humorous, others poignant. Polish can help us celebrate good times and survive the tough times. And perhaps most importantly, polish can serve as a path to friendships that would never have formed otherwise.  At The Polish Lab, we want our readers to share those experiences with us and with each other.

Although we have no intention of adhering to a rigid schedule—and you won’t see each of the following features each week-- there are several topics you can expect to see from us on a somewhat regular basis:

Mystery Mani Monday: We invent the mani. You guess the polish. (Don’t worry—we’ll give you a hint or two).

Test Tube Tuesday: Frankens and other highly experimental endeavours!

Wish List Wednesday: An exercise in honing your polish lust to a few select shades. Better focus means less money wasted on shades you only kinda-sorta-maybe-a-just-a-little wanted, when you could’ve spent that same money on the polish of your dreams. Besides, it’s fun to see what colors other polish addicts are lusting after!

Tag Team Thursday: Keep in mind, there are two of us running this lab. On Tag Team Tuesdays, we’ll each paint our nails with the same color, then compare notes. Will our data turn out the same? Will we reach the same conclusions?

Five Finger Friday: Five fingers; five colors. Side-by-side swatches of similar colors or five colors from a certain collection. It’s the wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am of polish swatching.

Sparkle Saturday:  On Saturdays, we all need to take our lab coats off and add a  little bling!

Super Supply Sunday: Having great looking nails isn’t just about the polish. We’ll review files, cuticle oils, mani tools, beakers, you name it!

The Holo Grail: A review of what’s hot and what’s not in the world of holographic polishes.

Polish Personals: We ask a question. You give the response. This is when you get to tell us your craziest or saddest or funniest nail polish stories. And we’ll share ours, too. Here’s where the experiment gets really interesting. Scientists have hearts too!

Don’t forget—we won’t do each of these features each week. As all scientists know, it’s important to be flexible!

Whether you’re a nail novice or a polish princess, a lover of a classic colors or a fan of funky polish, a long-taloned lady or a short-nailed man, we invite you to be our lab partners!

And that our blog has officially been born, we need to have a little birthday party, don’t you think? But we’re not asking for gifts. Instead, we’re going to give one lucky reader a gift! So be sure your read our blog later this week for details about our Birth of a Blog Giveaway!

Let the experiment begin!


  1. Wow! That's a lot of unique features, I'm really looking forward to a few of these in particular. Great ideas! :)

  2. OMG!! I am so looking forward to all of your future posts!!! this really sounds awesome!!!

  3. I really like your plan. Sounds super fun and I can't wait to read your future posts! :D

  4. can't wait! great job you guys did here!

  5. aww this sounds so fun! congrats on the blog!

  6. Lol toop, all you never wanted to learn about nail polish, you can find out here. They have some for men too, I'll post pics soon.

  7. Thank you for your comments everybody. It will all be good fun and it's more fun with YOU!

  8. woow i love all specially The Holo Grail hehe... cant wait OMG!! gudluck ^^

  9. This is going to be great! Can't wait for the first post. I really love that you've made it a point that nail polish is about memories too....I totally agree with that. :)

  10. Hi everyone! Allison from The Polish Lab here. :)

    As we said, we won't do all these features every week. We'll mix things up. I'm glad you like the ideas we're cooking up in the lab!

    phoebe--I know you love holos, so I'm not surprised that you're excited about the Holo Grail (the credit for that clever name goes to Ace, by the way).

    Alyssa--Polish really does come with a lot of memories and emotion attached. I have story after story! And it's going to be so fun to share those stories with each other. We really hope to generate a lot of conversation and interaction with our little Polish Personals.

    Everyone--thanks for your comments, well-wishes, and support. We hope to make this blog fun, and we need your participation and interaction to do that!

  11. Congrats on getting this up, I look forward to seeing this. I think the idea is great. I know people like myself really love Hauls and such maybe add something in like that. You are going to get a lot of questions about collections too.

    Again Congrats, I think it's a great idea.

  12. Thanks Pam! So glad you like the ideas. Yes something to do with a Haul is a good idea too. If you follow us on facebook I posted a pic of today's haul there. I'm in heaven!! See you around, Ace

  13. I love what you 2 have come up with. Cant wait to see more posts!!! The header is adorable and goes so well with the lab theme.

  14. Hi KayJay--Full credit for that banner image has to go to Ace. Isn't it perfect? Thanks for your kind words!